VIOLA - Kun Collapsible

Upon its introduction, the Kun Collapsible quickly became the shoulder rest of the future. Modelled on the Kun Original, the innovative Kun Collapsible has "feet" that fold down for easy carrying and storage, and incorporate Kun's patented locking device to limit rotation.


Available for viola, violin (4/4), violin (3/4 ) and mini (1/4-all 1/16s)


Item # Prodotto
700.011 C Collapsible Viola
700.104 C Collapsible Piedino Lungo per Viola e Violino 4/4
700.105 C Collapsible Piedino Corto per Viola e Violino 4/4
700.206 C Collapsible Supporto Alto Viola
700.207 C Collapsible Supporto Basso Viola