VIOLA - Kun Mini

Children love their colours and each has a personal favourite. Coloured Kun shoulder rests make playing and practicing more fun for kids.


Kun Mini rests are available in Original and Collapsible models and come in black (Original), brown (Collapsible) and in red, blue, purple and green in both models.


Original Mini available in size 1/4 -1/8

Collapsible Mini available in size 1/4 -1/16


Item # Prodotto
700.010 Mini Original Black - (1/4 + 1/8)
700.018 Mini Collapsible Brown - (1/4 + 1/16)
700.016 Mini Red Collapsible
700.022 Mini Red Original
700.017 Mini Blue Collapsible
700.023 Mini Blue Original
700.014 Mini Yellow Collapsible
700.020 Mini Yellow Original
700.015 Mini Green Collapsible
700.021 Mini Green Original